Nitro Circus: excitement and adrenaline skimming the sky

One of the biggest shows of extreme sport lands next Saturday in Madrid with the most vertiginous ramps to date.

"The craziest version of the sport", or at least that's what those who will be part of this show feel, lands next Saturday in Spain. The Nitro Circus by Travis Pastrana, legend of motocross and freestyle, will make a stop at the Wanda Metropolitano to show excitement and adrenaline skimming the sky, having toured the world in 2018 touring some of the most iconic stadiums in the world. And now comes loaded with news from the hand of those who decided to enjoy and raise the public, jumping impossible ramps that this time will reach its highest in a circuit where there are still many details to discover.

What has been given to know is a list of registered, or rather chosen because very few have the opportunity to be part of this type of events, which will perform chilling maneuvers without height limits for the viewer, that makes them forget fear, can enjoy the best 'riders' in FMX, BMX, skate or scooter, which will be part of a stellar cast. In total more than 45 medals of the X Games will be gathered on stage thanks to names like Jarryd Mcneil or Mike Mason, as well as others like that of a Christian Meyer who returns in search of the best trick.

El Alicante, with whom has been able to speak As, not only will demonstrate the double backflip that left him in debt to Las Ventas in 2017 but also comes with news: "I will do a trick that I invented in 2018, the triple backflip stride. a lot. " This trick will be possible thanks to the Giganta ramp, where the riders will be fired to more than five stories high and where Todd Meyn, another of the main actors, will also try the 360º backflip: " It's the biggest trick that he probably did in a show but also, with that ramp, we will try to do tricks that we have never done before. "

There will also be female representation. Ellie Chew s and will exhibit on the ramps of the Metropolitan Wanda and will use the public to "forget fear or nerves", feelings that always accompany them when they fly. "If there is no fear something goes wrong," says Meyn, who qualifies: "In this sport you always look for limits.When you are trying to do things that you have not done before, you are afraid that something could go wrong" . , Meyer assures that the passion to continue giving spectacle does not decay: "It is difficult to explain, I feel the passion because I do what I like but when I am on the bike I am worried that everything is perfect". Hence, ending is his most special moment in a show where the Alicante is clear: "People are going to have fun, do not miss it" .

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