Neymar divides the club

While the dressing room approves without fissures its return, the directive sees nothing clear a hypothetical return of the Brazilian, who continues offering itself to return to dress of blaugrana.

That most of the times the dressing rooms do not think the same as the directives is a common occurrence in the world of football. But on a few occasions as in the supposed return of Neymar to Barcelona the difference of criteria between the dressing room and the box is so clara.

Neymar divides Barcelona. The Brazilian player who left Paris Saint-Germain almost three years ago after paying the 222 million euros of his rescission clause on the return of the American tour in the first year in which Valverde took the reins of costumes is still offering to return to the Camp Nou.

In the dressing room his return is seen with very good eyes. Neymar is very loved among the staff and when he returns to Barcelona, a fact that happens relatively frequently, he enters Sant Joan Despí as Pedro for his home and is photographed with Suárez and Messi, the two main supporters of his possible return. In fact , Messi confessed early Friday in an interview on Fox that is still maintaining a WhatsApp group with the Uruguayan and the Brazilian.

Not only the two great figures of the team look favorably on his return, continues to maintain a great relationship with Pique and with the Brazilians of the team. Arthur is habitual in his parties and with Coutinho they are known from the inferior selections of Brazil.

El trainer Ernesto Valverde, on the other hand, has never hidden that Neymar is a player of his liking and always regretted not having had at his disposal more than ten days in a hectic tour of preseason by the United States.

On the other side of the balance is the directive, and more specifically the presidency, that in any way they see with good eyes his return. From the outset, his possible return it would force a rethinking of the sports policy that was undertaken with the hiring of Coutinho and Dembélé, of whom the president said not long ago that "is at a level superior to the Brazilian" .

On the other hand, but not less important, is the conflict that confronts the player and the entity in the courts. Leaving aside that the Barça already assumed the comi Two fiscal offenses in their hiring when they arrived from Santos, Neymar and Barcelona have two fronts open before the judiciary. On the one hand the demand of the Brazilian company DIS before the Audiencia Nacional for the commissions of the signing and on the other the demands Crusades between player and entity for the non-payment of their renewal premium, which was frozen as soon as he signed for the French team.

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