Neymar 2 case: the city of judgment is settled

The National Court is studying this Monday if it is competent to judge the possible crimes of corruption that DIS reported or should do courts of Barcelona

The Second Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court is studying on Monday whether it is competent to prosecute the case on the alleged crimes of corruption between individuals and swindling the Brazilian fund DIS in the signing of Neymar or if, on the contrary, they should Catalan courts take charge.

Neymar has been in this case since 2016, when the magistrate of the National Court José de la Mata opened the investigation following the complaint of the DIS Group, which had 40% of the player's federative rights .

In the Neymar 1 case, the Audiencia de Barcelona already tried the alleged fraud of 13 million euros in the signing of Neymar, in which case a compliance agreement was reached for which Barça was ordered to pay five million and average of euros for fiscal offense.

In this other case, the Criminal Chamber of the National Court will decide the alleged corruption n between individuals and fraud denounced by DIS and Neymar will sit on the bench of the accused his parents and those who were presidents of FC Barcelona and Santos, Sandro Rosell and Odilio Rodríguez, respectively.

Also, is expected to judge both clubs as legal persons and the family company of the forward, N & N Sports and Business Consulting, for their alleged maneuvers to inflate the cost of the signing up to 83 million euros. Meanwhile, the private prosecution that exerts DIS requested six years in prison for the former Barça player, the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court requests that they be two years in prison and a fine of ten million euros.

The Public Prosecutor's Office requests the highest penalty for Rosell, five years in prison for crimes of fraud and corruption, as well as he requests two years for the father of the Barça striker and one for his mother, Nadine Gonçalves. Meanwhile, Rodriguez faces a three-year request. As for the clubs, which the Public Ministry attributed the two crimes, requested that Barça pay a fine of 8.4 million euros to which must be added its share of compensation of 3.2 million in concept of liability civil to pay in solidarity with Rosell, the president of Santos and the Brazilian club itself as a legal entity. The Brazilian team would have to pay, for its part, a fine of seven million and N & N, 1.4 million. The prosecutor of the case, José Perals, does not see, however, that there are criminal signs that point to the participation of the current president of Barca, Josep María Bartomeu, in the alleged irregularities, which leaves him out of his accusation. DIS, meanwhile, asks for five years in prison for him.

In the hearing on Monday, which is not necessary for the defendants to attend, the parties will present their positions on whether the National Court should judge this case or if, on the contrary, it should be sent to the Catalan courts. The negotiations for the hiring of Neymar, led in 2011 by Rosell, altered, according to the Public Prosecutor, the free market of the signing of players and hurt the DIS fund, who was deprived of the possibility that the player entered the market under the rules of free competition "and could obtain a greater economic amount for the transfer". The prosecutor ciphers the "real" money paid for the signing in 83 million euros and calculated that as a result of the dynamics deployed in the recruitment, DIS stopped receiving ten million euros, so it should be compensated with 3.2 million.

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