Neto has suitors and Valencia, a salary cap

Mateu Alemany let glimpse in his press conference on Wednesday that Valencia is not going to revise his contract upwards despite the offers that can come for performance.

Neto happens to be one of the most profitable signings of the Marcelino era. He was the first to arrive from the hand of the Asturian and his performance has been optimal. He signed for 7 million and with his stops that give points he has amply amortized them. Neto, in the two seasons that Mestalla has been, has been key so that in both the team manages to qualify for the Champions League. And of course, his performances have not gone unnoticed.

Neto has a sign in England, a football in which its physical characteristics fit. The Arsenal is one of the suitors, although not the only one. There they offer a substantial improvement of the contract and it has been in charge of informing Valencia its representative. Neto has a contract until 2021, so the Mestalla club has room for maneuver in this regard.

Alemany, on Wednesday, left a clear thing and a comment not free. In answers about Rodrigo, he said that in Valencia there will be those who want it because they look for "involved" and "happy" players; while, in response to Neto, like someone who does not want the thing, he said: "Valencia has salary caps" .

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