Nadal wore shoes with his 11 titles at Roland Garros

Rafa Nadal played all Roland Garros with some shoes of the 11 titles of Roland Garros. That is to say, the Balearic remembered what has been achieved until this edition.

Rafa Nadal faced Dominic Thiem in the final of Roland Garros to try to achieve his twelfth title on Parisian clay. A broad legacy that wanted to pay homage, along with Nike, in their dress. Thus, the Balearic has played the whole tournament with shoes that look the colors of the eleven with which he has managed to win in Paris with which he has won before. In addition to the traditional logo of the Spanish and his first name, the shoes has also a '11', which recalls the number of titles harvested until this Sunday.

For the general public there will also be option to put them on, although it will be very complicated, since Nike has only sold 2,500 of which 1,500 will be sold in Europe. In addition to the design, the American multinational has wanted to innovate and has provided the shoes with a novel top cover with which they want to prevent the Parisian brick dust from entering the shoe and laces.

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