Nadal always gets up

We assign Rafa extraordinary powers and supernatural abilities, because some of that must be had to win 12 Roland Garros and 18 Grand Slams.

What Rafa Nadal does not stop winning us generates a small problem ... Blessed problem. And it is that we run out of adjectives: superb, majestic, stellar, grandiose, sublime, insurmountable, galactic, cosmic, indomitable ... And also the extreme comparisons: rey, superhero, extraterrestrial, gladiator ... We assign extraordinary powers, supernatural abilities, because you have to have them to conquer 12 times Roland Garros (more than anyone else in history) and 18 times a Grand Slam (only two of Roger Federer, another champion played by the deity). We can only think of superlatives to describe his successful career, although perhaps there are more human and earthly reasons that explain why Rafael Nadal Parera is a world icon and the best Spanish athlete of all time.

There is a quote from Nelson Mandela, that I read every day in the newsroom, which says: "Do not judge me by my successes, judge me for the times I fell and I got up again". That is his great power. While we see him reborear again by the land of the Philippe Chatrier and raise the Cele de los Mosqueteros, we remember ese atropellado tennis that reappeared a month and a half ago in Montecarlo after his umpteenth injury, the one that prevented him from measuring himself Federer in Indian Wells. Nadal has more than three years of inactivity if we add all his losses. And each of those times has managed to get up. It is the same spirit that applies in every game, in every raquetazo ... This Sunday, Dominic Thiem squeezed a lot in the first set and won the second, but the Spaniard reacted then with a double 6-1. Rafa goes on and on. Never give up. That is really the secret.

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