Murthy: "The best thing in my two years as president was the Cup final"

The president of the Mestalla club, joined Valencia as an executive director at the end of 2016 months before replacing Layhoon Chan in the presidency.

The president of Valencia, Anil Murthy, cumple this Monday two years in front of the club at the best time of the entity since his arrival on July 1, 2017, thanks to the satisfaction that produced by the final of Copa del Rey won on May 25 and the celebrations of the two following days.

A so I point to EFE the agent of the club of Mestalla, man of confidence of the businessman and owner of the club, Peter Lim, who joined to Valencia as executive director to end of 2016, months before replacing Layhoon Chan in the presidency.

Under his term of office has lived the last two campaigns, the most recent one of the centenary of the founding of the entity, which was completed on March 18 and has celebrated throughout the year: " May 25 was perfect," he said in reference to the final won before the Barcelona in Seville 2-1, although he considered that beyond that particular moment, is important the good performance at a global level of the club "whose stability always allows us to be thinking of doing something else" .

"Apart from improving in the next season, it is essential to continue on the line marked to become a modern club in which la afición has direct contact with us thanks to the facilities that technology can offer and with the philosophy of supporting families and fighting violence " The two years of Murthy in the presidency of the entity have coincided with the two most outstanding seasons in recent years, and that as much in the 2017-2018 campaign as in 2018-2019, the team has been classified fourth in the Spanish League and, therefore, for the next Champions League.

Su nombrerami The president also coincided with the time when Marcelino García Toral, who had been hired as coach a few weeks before, formally occupied the Valencian bench, while the general director, Mateu Alemany, had arrived shortly before, in March of that year.

For Murthy, regardless of sporting results, next season is important because of the hope that the sanction imposed by the European Commission (EC) will be resolved, which considered that the club had received economic aid from the State: "I do not think the issue is resolved during the summer, but I have mucha confidence that the EC is ready to decide from septiembre ", indicated.

Murthy believes that the decision, which may occur at the least expected time, will be favorable for Valencia" because the entity's arguments are justified and They're going to lighten up the club on this issue. " If this were the case, this favorable situation would be linked to others that have occurred in the last year, such as the opening of the sale process of the Mestalla stadium, which will lead to the completion of the construction of the new camp beginning in 2022

Other non-competitive issue that has become especially the year of the centenary of the founding of Valencia has been the final resolution of the possible sanctions by FIFA, as it has not been possible to open a file in relation to the signings of underage players All these points of conflict in the club environment have offered more satisfactions than dislikes during the two-year term of Murthy, in which the initial philosophy of the owner and the peculiarities of Valencia have been approaching positions.

As far as team numbers are concerned, Valencia de Murthy has won in these two years half of the 107 official competition matches it has played with 54 victories. A there are twenty-eight ties and twenty-five defeats, with a favorable score of 165 points scored and 105 received.

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