Monchi: "Go left band you're going to make Puerta and you there ..."

The sports director of Seville sent an emotional message through the networks in which he lamented the tragic news and also remembered Puerta, who died in 2007.

Monchi, sports director of Sevilla, has launched an emotional message through social networks in which lamenta the tragic death of José Antonio Reyes, which also recalls Antonio Puerta, another squad of the Seville team that died prematurely.

"noticia impossible to believe, impossible to digest, how hard, my God ... DEP José Antonio Reyes, what a great pity Vay left band are going to do Antonio and you up there" , published Monchi, who already I was in the club when Reyes showed his first flashes of quality with the first team of Sevilla, back in 2000.

The message went viral for the emotional of his words and because he remembered in turn Antonio Puerta, who died in 2007 when he was footballer of Sevilla, in another tragedy that hit completely all the sevillismo. Reyes left the club in 2004 to go to Arsenal, just as Puerta was beginning to take his place in the first team. Two of the great jewels of the quarry of this century to which Monchi pays homage in his brief message.

"It has been the greatest innate talent that has come from the quarry"

This was not the only statement by Monchi, which He also spoke to the media about his former footballer in two different stages. The one from San Fernando described Reyes as " the greatest innate talent that has come from the quarry of Seville, it was a phenomenon of nature" . "His sale at the time was the growth of the entity, he helped us both on and off the field" , added, "And he came back to contribute to the last three titles we have achieved, it's the history of the biggest Sevilla" .

San Fernando was dismayed and recalled that it is not the first episode of this type that he has lived in the club of Seville: "It is difficult to explain with words ... I am still blocked, I try to wake up from what seems a nightmare but Unfortunately, this is real ", he said, " We have already experienced this with another beloved canterano and with whom we live many beautiful moments, but unfortunately an episode like that of the 2007 with Puerta is repeated ".

Monchi took the opportunity to talk about its sale, "a very difficult decision to make, but it was the impulse that allowed us to grow". "We could bring him back so he could build titles with his team, it was very special for me to be able to get him back" , he confessed, "I do not know what I remember with him, but I keep his smile, which he always had in The face ".


The president of Seville, José Castro Carmona, confirmed in the club's media that tomorrow there will be a burning capilla in the Sánchez Pizjuán from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. pay tribute to the Utrera, who knows "almost since he was born" . "He played in all the lower tiers and we do not know where to look or what to think, only memories and memories come in. We have lost one of our own, blood of our sevillista blood, which has given us so much in all aspects" , added.

Marcos Alonso: "I'm devastated"

Marcos Alonso, the coach who made José Antonio Reyes debut in First Division with 16 years and 5 months, has been "destroyed" by the death of the footballer. "It's news that leaves me impacted, frozen, I can not believe it, I'm still in a state of shock," he said in statements to Efe.

Marcos Alonso was the coach of Sevilla who descended in the 1999-2000 season and did debutar Reyes on the twenty-second day of that League, in the field of Zaragoza, when he took it out in place of Nando in a match that Sevilla lost by 2-1.

The Cantabrian coach recalls that "players were missing", spoke with Antonio Álvarez, his second coach, "and it was decided that he would play", which "was not a mistake because very early on, at 16, he was a great footballer" .

Marcos Alonso has described the death of Reyes like "a tremendous loss because he was a very good kid, who also had a good and humble family" .

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