Miguel Indurain raises funds for a charitable cause

The Ambassador 123aCorrer of Banco Santander, and its 123rd Corredor team participated in the Santander Triathlon Series Madrid in favor of the ELA investigation.

Spanish exciser Miguel Indurain, Ambassador 123aCorrer of Banco Santander, and his team 123acorrer participated this Saturday the Santander Triathlon Series Madrid in sprint mode mixed relay after an exciting duel against the team of LaLiga, formed by the water polo Eugenio de Grado and ex-footballers César Sánchez and Ismael Urzaiz, and Banco Santander's solidarity watch in favor of the ELA investigation.

The five-time winner of the Tour de France formed a team with journalists Javier Alba, from Antena 3 (run on foot) , and of Gema García Marcos, from El Mundo (swimming), who crossed the finish line with a time of 1:06:21, being second in the general rankings, only 25 seconds behind the top finishers.

For her part, the team from LaLiga did it in 1:12:09 (12th in men's relay sprint) after covering the two sets 750 meters swimming, 20 kilometers cycling and 3.8 kilometers running Banco de España, of the 5 kilometers planned and finally shortened by the heat wave.

The two formations also had as adversary Banco Santander's solidary clock, which started with 15,000 and, after passing the last team per goal, stopped at 5,989. A that amount was added the 3,600 collected in the inscriptions (one euro per participant), sum received by the vice president of FUNDELA, Maite Solas, from the hand of Miguel Indurain in the form of check.

"It has been very exciting and beautiful run the Santander Triathlon Series Madrid for a good cause like FUNDELA and we have all tried to give the best of ourselves so that the clock will stop as soon as possible, despite the heat and knowing that running was the hardest, "said Miguel Indurain, ambassador 123aCorrer de Banco Santander.

Moreover, the Navarrese valued the announcement of Alejandro Valverde to remain in cycling until 41 years. "If you have desire and enthusiasm, I see good news." "The important thing is to have that desire to train and he is excited to continue on the bike, we have to support him because he has given us many joys," he said, before speaking about the upcoming Tour of France. "It is more open than ever and will be a test for climbers As soon as the mountain arrives the clear favorites will be seen", he concluded.

The edition of this year's Santander Triathlon Series Madrid has more than 3.600 participants in the six predicted distances (supersprint, sprint, olympic, short, half and aquathlon) in individual, in pairs or relays, which are played over the weekend and will end tomorrow. The program also includes a school triathlon to which hundreds of participants have also joined.

Banco Santander, title sponsor of the Santander Triathlon of Santander and the Santander Triathlon Series, has been supporting from the beginning the work of the Spanish Foundation for the Promotion of The Research of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (FUNDELA) in its objective to promote the investigation of the ELA in Spain, faithful to the principles of Responsible Banking.

The banking entity focuses its support to popular sports through the initiative # 123aCorrer en su mission to help people and businesses prosper and do so in a simple, personal and fair, making sport a key tool to get closer to society, helping people to improve their day to day and promoting the development of a healthy life.

AEL, a neuromuscular disease of which 900 are detected nue cases each year in Spain, affects the nerve cells called motoneurons that control the movement of the voluntary musculature, which gradually decrease their functioning and die, causing weakness and muscle atrophy. 80% of the patients die between the three and five years of its diagnosis.

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