Mercedes defends the decision but invites to change the rules

"If we criticize the commissioners, nobody will want to do that job, we have to respect their decisions." Penalty is what the norm says, "says Toto Wolff.

As soon as Toto Wolff saw Vettel's defense of Hamilton he pressed the radio button and gave a message. The Mercedes boss does not talk to the drivers during the race, but to the rest of the 'staff' and to the few minutes of his directions were made public the investigation that ended with a penalty on the Ferrari.

Al regard, the Austrian leader is on the side of the stewards: "Incidents like this always generate a lot of controversy. My opinion is that it is very difficult for a commissioner to interpret What we should not do is put them under pressure now, because if they do not suffer even more, We need consistency in their decisions and we must support them to achieve objectivity. Sometimes it will go in your favor and sometimes in against ".

" If we criticize them, nobody will want to do that work, we must respect their decisions ", says Wolff, who invites to change the norm I intend to reach higher levels of aggressiveness on the track: "The penalty is what the standard says. From the perspective of the curators, it conforms to the norm. If we are not happy with the rules because we like harder races, let's look at the rules and see how we can improve them by 2021 to favor more aggressive races. "" The pilots are gladiators on high-tech machines and it is not trivial to find the line between them. hard races and bumper cars for the future. Making rules is very complicated. It's like a soccer referee ", sentence.

The team decided not to celebrate the triumph as usual, with a bottle of champagne in the pit lane and a group photo, and Lewis did not win the victory with enthusiasm. Although there is no compassion, in the words of Toto: "I'm not sorry (for Ferrari), this sport does not make prisoners. But I can understand his frustration as competitors. "

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