McLaren celebrates the biggest jump of the Renault engine

The progress is 10 kilometers per hour compared to 2018, "the biggest step forward in benefits" that has seen James Key, technical director of Woking.

Although at the beginning the reliability cooled the expectations, McLaren can already say without qualms that Renault is one of the keys of its progress this season in front of the middle zone. The French manufacturer has found more power in its engine this season, enough to fight hand to hand and win against direct rivals such as the Ferrari propeller Haas or the Toro Rosso Honda. The overtaking of Carlos Sainz in Barcelona (Grosjean and Kvyat) and Monaco (Albon and, again, Russian) are the best examples.

The MCL34 usually carries less downforce than other teams on the grid and that has Become a very efficient car. "We have tried hard in this aspect, as you can see in the maximum speeds that is one of our strengths in the middle zone", justifies Andreas Seidl, McLaren's boss, who to speak of power prefers to focus on the strengths of Woking , although he concedes praise for his French partner: "Better not to make many comments on the details of the engine, but I can say that we have a great relationship with Renault, its engineers, with Cyril Abiteboul and with the people of the factory of Viry.

La The relationship is open and I am very happy for the step that Renault has taken with a remarkable progress in the power. " "There will be more developments with the engine and that's good, but what we should do is focus on our work as a team, that's what I have to do", the German engineer, who wants to avoid the crossings of statements, now favorable , because they did not help in the past between Honda's relations with the British house.

The other big signing of Zak Brown is James Key, new technical director, who worked closely with Renault in the past and that facilitates the conversations: "Of course help, you know the people and you know how they work, and I have to say that they have taken very good steps forward this year with the engine, the biggest I have seen in benefits, and that is really encouraging, it's a pleasure to work with them " . In Spain, Sainz reached 323 kilometers per hour in the 'speed trap' of the classification, only two of the fastest, Vettel, when a year ago Alonso stayed at 313.8 km / h and Vandoorne, in 312, 3k m / h.

The only risk now is to see how home team development with engine developments. "Now there is a development race in the middle zone because we are all very close, in three or four tenths you can be tenth or 17th, we will see how everything is going in Montreal", says Seidl.

Renault has already spent his jokers because of breakdowns: Carlos has already mounted three engines, turbos and MGU-H plus two MGU-K, from the next piece will be penalized. Norris carries two of each, like Ricciardo, but Hulkenberg has already used his fourth power unit. The jump in quality implies risks in reliability, although Sainz was very clear about it: "It compensates me, now I can fight" .

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