Mas-Bagà: "We have already passed the duel for the descent"

The general manager of Girona is optimistic about next season in the Second and expect to retain the majority of the 9,500 subscribers they have.

No simple days are coming in Girona because the descent to Second has been a hard blow for club, players and fans. But it's time to look forward. The Rojiblanca entity presented the campaign for subscribers for the next campaign last Friday and the general director of Girona, Ignasi Mas-Bagà, was clear: "We have already passed the duel for the descent, now we have good expectations and we trust that this trip What we have done for First has been used to make many people fall in love and continue with us. " Currently the Girona club has about 11,500 members, of which 9,500 are subscribers, and we hope that this figure is not excessively reduced because "together we have to return to First" .

Next Monday you can renew your membership card partner and subscriber and "we are receiving positive messages, people are with the club", Mas-Bagà explained. Prices range from 100 to 450 euros and are very similar to the season of the promotion to First, 2016-17. The goal is to reach again the gold category of Spanish football and from the Rojiblanca entity are clear that one of the bases to get it is having the fans at his side.

In the beginning of that historic course were counted more than 5,000 subscribers and after the winter market, when the team was launched towards First, a figure of 7,000 was registered. They are optimistic and hope to overcome it because although Montilivi will reduce its capacity compared to the seasons in the First (the retractable stands will be withdrawn from the goals), the Gerona stadium will be able to gather 11,200 spectators. Finally, there is a detail in terms of the subscriber campaign: the card only serves for the regular League matches in Segunda. They do not include the Copa del Rey or, if the Girona comes to dispute them, those of the playoff of promotion.

To maintain the social mass is vital to form a competitive team and it is focused on sports management. Of course, before 1122111 a coach should arrive and try to leave emkarriladas the departure of several players. Portu is already on the exit ramp and Yassine Bounou also tries to close her bye as soon as possible.

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