Márquez tried the precise

"Marc fought until the last lap and his second behind Petrucci has the value of a victory, he proved it necessary but without excesses".

A champion never gives up without trying, he does not assume his limitations in advance. And Márquez certainly did not intend to drop arms in Mugello ahead of time, however much that fascinating circuit is the territory of the Italians in general and Ducati in particular. He achieved a valuable pole on Saturday by pulling cunning and on Sunday he had to take the rest to make the predictions were just that, a possibility that does not always have to materialize. From the start, he endorsed that will, Petrucci and Dovizioso had to work hard to defeat the Spaniard, even though the red bikes were real missiles in that endless straight. But in the end common sense seemed to prevail, miracles do not happen every day ...

The leader of the World fought until the last round and his second place behind Petrucci has the value of a victory. The alternative, possibly, it was a fall and to be ahead of his natural rival of MotoGP, Dovizioso, has a merit that Marquez himself knows better than anyone. He proved it necessary but without excess, the Italian winner had little to lose when the glory of a day in his country seemed like his greatest ambition. Not so for the Cervera, he pursues a much more precious goal and the machado had to be for others. In that Marc has also progressed for a couple of seasons now, knows how to give up winning a battle when what he pursues is the glory of coming out winner of a long war.

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