Márquez: "This is very long, there is the example of Bautista"

The Repsol Honda rider does not see the World Cup won and gives as an example what has happened to the talavera: "Two mistakes and he already has the second to 16 points".

Marc Márquez has no problems in recognizing that the advantage that leads the general is very wide (37 points over Dovizioso) , mainly because it is clear that the championship is very long, something that also rivals, and that this You can change at any time. Take the example lived by Bautista in the SBK, championship in which despite having won 14 races of the 19 disputed only gets 16 points to Rea.

-Can you see a race as fun as that of 2018?

-I have reviewed it, as I always do before a GP. It was very entertaining, even seeing it repeated becomes short, but it is very difficult to repeat something like that. Surely it will be a race played until the end, because the style of circuit usually see that kind of racing, and also because the story says that the Yamaha and Suzuki tend to work well here and we hope to be at their level.

- This and Germany are races to expand the margin before the summer break?

-Now is Dovizioso at 37, Petrucci is also close and then comes Rins. We have to keep pushing and try to be on the podium, which is always the goal of the weekend. I do not frame so much the second classified, but you have to keep doing your work.

-Do not be so clear the opponent complicates things more?

-The focus of a weekend does not change. But now it is true that Dovizioso and Petrucci are there. And although it is far Quartararo is also a rival, and Rins another. Now come two races in a row and there is the injury factor, and we must continue.

-Does it bother you that the title is assumed to be won?

-Nothing bothers me. But last weekend at SBK I had the perfect example with Bautista. It seemed that already spoke of the races that were going to be left over and two errors and already has the second to 16 points. This is very long, there are many factors that influence a championship. It may be your fault or someone else's mistakes, but you always have to be vigilant.

-Whenever the leader arrived on vacation, he won the championship, and now he has 37 points and two races before the break. Very bad you have to give to not be the leader of the summer ...

-I have to give myself very badly to not get leaders to the break, but now we will try to work to get more advantage. And if it is less, to try to maintain the margin of a race. Having a wild card in the fight for the championship gives you a peace of mind that allows you to work in another way.

-Have you invited Lorenzo to something for the favor of Montmeló?

- (Laughter). I have not seen it and we have not talked about it. It is clear that you do not want these things to happen, but if they happen you have to take them because you do not know if it will happen to you next time. Lorenzo already gave his explanations, and he regretted the error that caused the fall.

-Was something new tested in the test and will be tested here too?

-Larger and smaller things were tried. Here we will try the small ones, because the big ones when things go well is better not to touch them. Better to try them on other circuits before. From the start we went with our main base and little by little we might introduce some of the test, but if we see it very clear.

-Will Suzuki be superior to Yamaha?

-We will see. It is clear that it will be a circuit that a priori Yamaha and Suzuki are always one step ahead. I see Yamaha a bit stronger than Suzuki. But we will see, because Montmelo should have been a Honda-Ducati duel and in the end the bikes that set the tone were Yamaha and Suzuki.

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