Marko: "I would not be surprised if Vettel thought about the withdrawal"

The adviser of Red Bull assured that in France he listened to many rumors and that he would not be surprised that the German pilot thought about leaving the Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel lives one of its most complicated moments in Ferrari. In this season the German driver has not yet been able to win any race, regardless of what happened in the Canadian Grand Prix, and this is the worst year since that landed in the Italian team. A few numbers not good that have caused that the future of the German in the Prancing Horse is not clear and that even speaks of a possible withdrawal of the tetracampeón of mundo.

In Monaco appeared the first rumors about a possible withdrawal of Vettel. The same protagonist already spoke about his future in the pre-Grand Prix of Canada ensuring that "the team can throw me out and I can retire whenever I want". He even joked about his possible withdrawal when the FIA did not change the five-second sanction imposed on him in Canada: "What will I do?" I will retire. "

On this last issue, Helmut Marko spoke. The Red Bull consultant knows Vettel very well since they both agreed on the Austrian team. Marko commented in a statement collected by 'Thebestf1' that he would not be surprised if the German thought about the withdrawal. "Sebastian Vettel has to fight against Mercedes with unequal weapons and manage things on his team that are not at all pleasant Think about the withdrawal, I would not be surprised, I heard many rumors here in France", commented.

There has also been talk of the possibility of seeing the German again in Red Bull, the team with which he won his four World Cups, due to his discontent in Ferrari and to a possible departure of Pierre Gasly. But Marko has denied it, saying the plan is to end the season with Gasly. "As is well known, nothing is impossible in Formula 1. But Sebastian still has a contract with Ferrari in 2020", added Marko.

If in the plans of Helmut Marko does not come back to have Vettel in Red Bull, in the plans of the own Vettel either, judging by its declarations at the end of the Great Prize of France where it assured: "I do not want to be in any other site so I have not thought of it" .

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