Marcos Llorente recovers as much as Rodrigo in Atlético

In his transfer to Alavés, when he played a league as a starter, the new Atletico player practically traced the numbers of the player he will replace.

Marcos Llorente will land at Atlético with the difficult mission of making him forget a Rodrigo who left a fantastic first season as a rojiblanco. The '14' has decided to pack and look for luck outside Spain before the offers of multiple teams willing to pay their clause of 70 million (Manchester City and Bayern top the list).

Simeone had Rodrigo, so he let him know and so he waited until the last minute, but the decision of the pivot to leave the team picked up Cholo with his already elected substitute, Marcos Llorente. A player who in his only season as a starter in the league, la 2016/17 during his transfer to Alavés, practically traced Rodrigo's numbers in his year as rojiblanco. Despite his rare opportunities at Real Madrid (36 matches between all competitions in two years), the course of Llorente in Alavés already aroused the interest of Simeone, who followed the 24-year-old from .

The statistics of Llorente in the babazorro team and Rodrigo's in Atlético speak for themselves. Two players that coincided in the Eurocopa U-21 of 2017, when Llorente was the owner ahead of Rodrigo, although we must bear in mind that it is a year and a half older. The new rojiblanco player finished the league with Alavés with 2.805 minutes played, 63 more than Rodri had this year. In Vitoria ended the season as maximum recovery of the league competition with 302 robberies, 22 more than those who have achieved Rodri. As for the success in the pass, the two players have stood out for their safety when looking for the teammate, although Rodrigo excels in this facet. Llorente completed 1,522 good shipments with a hit of 87.02% , while Rodrigo has achieved 1.756 correct passes with a percentage of 91.13% .

As for his scoring capacity, Rodrigo has lived this year the best of his career face to door. He closed the League with a goal against Levante, his third goal in the competition. Llorente could not see the door in the Alavés, although he has improved in that facet by achieving dos so many this season with Real Madrid in 16 games. As babazorro Llorente gave two assists for one of Rodrigo as athletic. In terms of his strength in the melee, Llorente won 58.52% of the duels against an opponent, by 59.9% of Rodrigo. They also resemble the time to go to the ground to recover the ball ( 68,03% of good tackles of Llorente and 67,96% of Rodrigo), while Llorente achieved 86 interceptions and Rodrigo 41. In addition, despite being two players who stand out remarkably in the pressure and who recover many balls, Llorente only committed 46 fouls and Rodrigo 59, seeing five yellow cards each. A substitute that can be adapted perfectly to the role played by Rodrigo in his athletic year and whose characteristics have led Simeone to see Llorente as the ideal replacement and the new mattress anchor for the next season.

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