Marc Roca's universal corkage: linked to Bayern

Midfielder Espanyol and U-21 'girlfriends' emerge even during matches. "Germany, I'm very happy in Barcelona," he replies.

Venía to complete a spectacular season with Espanyol, which in fact earned him the undisputed call for the U21 European Championship. But Marc Roca, whose immense value guarded the perico environment almost in secret as one who preserves a treasure, has just uncorked its projection in the last five days. After waiting on the bench in the first two meetings with the national team, broke in 5-0 against Poland and this Thursday was again crucial in the semifinal against France (4-1) , in which he even scored a goal. So much so that they appear 'girlfriends' even during games.

Si scored Roca the equalizer in the 27th minute, just eight minutes after Onda Cero expressed the interest of Bayern Munich in the midfield, every time, according to this information , the preferential option to cover the Bavarian pivot, the rojiblanco Rodrigo Hernández, approaches Manchester City. Once the game was over, and after the canterano paracito went through the shower, in the same line they let him fall if living in Germany would be fine. "I do not know, the truth, I am living, and very happy, in Barcelona. And now I'm in Italy, on Sunday we have a final, and we have to live the moment, "answered Roca, who immediately, and asked directly by Bayern, showed some disbelief:" I have no idea, I am very calm here, Now with the National Team, and when I return with my team I will also be very calm ".

Which is the interest of Bayern, at Espanyol are clear that they will follow the action plan established with Borja Iglesias and, to a lesser extent, with Mario Hermoso : Require the clause. In the case of Marc Roca, it amounts to 40 million by a player who, according to data from the specialized portal Transfermarkt, has spent one year of having a market value of 800,000 euros to one of 30 million. And that, before the European.

Legue or not the Bayern, the club that already probed its acquisition in the past winter market, and that can return to the load at any time, is the Inter Milan. Roca already rubs elbows with the great European teams, only and a half after an exit to Leganés did not bear fruit as a loan, due to the lack of minutes that Espanyol provided him. They were other times, practically another life.

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