Marc confirms that he will go to the World Cup: "This means a world for me, I'm still floating"

The pivot praised his teammates after winning: "In difficult times, we could have pointed our finger and blame, and we did not."

Spanish Marc Gasol spoke in the press room after getting the first ring of the NBA in his career, to prevail with the Raptors in the sixth game of the finals against the Warriors (110-114). The pivot was tremendously excited by the achievements, but quiso initially recognize the effort of the rival team in the final. He also guaranteed his presence in the China World Cup with Spain: "It will be a different challenge and now I will be soaked in ice for a couple of weeks" .

"This title means many things, it means a world, I am still floating. Many people deserve this, even though Golden State had some difficult injuries in the last game and in this one, they showed how much heart they have and what it means to be a champion team No excuses, they kept playing, they kept pressing on each Possession, offensive and defensive, I have a lot of respect for those guys and their organization, "applauded the international.

" That said, I'm very happy that we won, I'm very excited, it's a very special feeling. guys who help each other, especially during the difficult times in which we could have pointed the finger and blame os, and we did not do that. We only clung to our brothers ", analyzed.

The Canadian franchise has made history by winning its first championship and Marc, meanwhile, also: this title makes him next to Pau, champion with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010, in the unique brothers in the history of the NBA in getting the ring. "I have not spoken with Pau yet. I have only spoken with my wife "recognized the player.

Have happened many things since Marc came to the Raptors, but the player was confident that this situation could be given from the moment of transfer from Memphis:" As soon as the exchange occurred , you see the possibility. You see the equipment there. It was quite simple. You can make excuses and say that this may take a while. But at that time we all think of helping each other, and becoming the champion team that we could be. That does not mean you're going to make it, but the mentality was there, the will was there and the coaching staff also. Everything that surrounds the team is first class. When we were 2-0 down against the Bucks, we said: 'We're going to improve, to help each other, we're going to do this.' Nobody blamed anyone, took no shortcuts or was negative. "

Special player's statement for Sergio Scariolo: " It helped me tremendously to understand the offensive schemes. I was in charge of a lot of the offensive game. Defensively, it's always someone with whom I've been through many battles and being with him was great. I am happy that we can live this together because we will start the training camp in a month, "Marc concluded with respect to the China World Cup that will take place in a few months.

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