Manolo Salvador: the return to the origin of Levante de Catalán

The president of the Orriols team began his journey in the club with the new head of the sports area his project.

The president of Levante came to the presidency in 2010. At that time, Manolo Salvador had been leading the Orriols team for two years. Together, the big entity probably lived its best years. They were eight courses marked by a promotion, five stays and one year walking their football in Europe that bear the seal of Faura, considered the best architect in the history granota.

With the descent of 2016 it was decided to dispense with the sports director in his last year of contract after living probably the best years of the club. However, the changes of direction in his last step and errors in the preparation of the template precipitated the facts. They were successful years at the same time complex because of the delicate economic situation that surrounded the entity, which was on the edge of the abyss.

However, the likes of Jefferson Lerma, the biggest sale in the history of the club, Felipe Caicedo, Obafemi Martins, Arouna Koné or Keylor Navas arrived from the hand of Salvador. Players who left an important surplus value in their outputs and that have been fundamental for the financial stability of the entity.

Sin however, in the trajectory of Faura there were lights and shadows, as in any sports structure. Gomis, Nong or Baba Diawara, for example, were some of the failed operations. The instability in the bench in the final years of the project also weighed. In the last three years, four interveners passed after the stages of Luis García and Juan Ignacio Martínez: Caparrós, Mendilibar, Acacaraz and Rubi.

So Quico Catalán has decided to return to the origin, with a structure rooted in the entity and that knows perfectly the inner workings of the club.

Navarro and Gómez, the tandem of Salvador

Joint to him will be David Navarro and José Gómez. The Valencian power station remained five years in the club and left the Levante the year of the descent, precisely the season that made the sport director. After two seasons in the Alcorcón, the high court hung the boots and took charge of the sport direction of the box potter. This has been the main reason why the Catalan has not been able to announce the names of the new project, when negotiating its exit.

For its part, Gómez is a historical entity, with 19 years behind him. From a physical trainer, to a coach of the first team, and subsequently to the subsidiary, he left the club in 2014. He will act as delegate and liaison between the sports management and the staff.

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