Maneuver of athletic seduction to convince Joao Felix

Atlético organized a lightning trip to finally persuade the player and his family and to forget the interest of City and Juve. Madrid and PSG withdrew from the bid.

El Atlético has used all the weapons at its disposal to win the race for Joao Félix. Capital was the one that was hatched between Sunday and last Monday. Then the City still believed that it could convince the player, who already looked with predilection mattress offer. Juve was the other team that had entered the bid, but none of them with the decision that had made the Athletic. Real Madrid and PSG had previously withdrawn from the bid. Both clubs offered an interesting formula for Benfica, as they proposed to close the transfer and leave the striker on loan for another year in Portugal, paying his new salary. But that route did not work.

Joao Félix was preparing to travel to Madrid , although from the environment of the soccer player it was explained that it could only be a stopover to another place. But Atlético moved fast and accelerated the trip to finish off the balance in their favor. The player arrived on Sunday in Madrid and started a race at the rojiblancos managers to finally convince the boy and his parents. They are both teachers. The three traveled to Madrid in company of Joao's younger brother, Hugo, who also plays in Benfica, and visited the Metropolitano. They were taught the jewel mattress and held meetings with leaders who explained the project and what was done during the last seasons. Joao Felix had already chosen and, since then, is waiting for Benfica to accept the economic terms presented by Atlético to satisfy the clause of 120 million.

Joao Félix is not afraid of the challenge. From the age of 12 he has lived far from his native Viseu. The idea of the family is for the boy to develop in Madrid on his own. His parents want to continue with their respective jobs in Portugal and his brother will continue in the Benfica academy. Of course, as soon as they can travel to share time with a Joao who will receive in Atletico the pressure of the heritage of Griezmann.

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