MAG, about Cuéllar: "Everyone will know what he does with his life"

The sports director avoided talking about the goalkeeper, raised the Calero clause to 25 million and said he was happy about how the market is going.

Miguel Ángel Gómez, sports director of Real Valladolid, is not afraid of anything anymore. Since he lived the scared Ortuño, is used to strange things happen. After the presentation of Fede San Emeterio, he answered the questions of the journalists who started questioning him about the Cuéllar affair, although the Andalusian took off his cloak and started giving passes. When asked if there was a pre-agreement, he stated that "I have always told you that it has some physicotechnical characteristics that are interesting and of the profile of Real Valladolid and then passes other filters", nor did he want to point out the culprit of the hypothetical possible failure in the contract with a clause releasing and much less recognizing whether or not there was a signed contract with Cuéllar: "In that I can not go into it in detail, el know what he does. I have many open operations.We are concerned and busy in covering the profiles you want to cover the trainer ".

The sports director was" very happy "with the development of the market because" I think there are two or three things that have profile Real Valladolid, people excited to wear our shield "and was not clear when defining if Masip and Caro consider that the goal is covered: "You know me, we have options, I was at night talking to Ro and we were talking about options for each of the positions, I think the obligation of a sports management is always to have options. We always try to bring people so that everyone gets their batteries. If someone needs a squeeze in the goal, we will bring it ".

A when assessing, reinforcing other positions, the sports director was asked by the front and by Enes Unal:" He wants to come, we want him to come and the ball is on the roof of Villarreal "and also spoke of Fernando Calero, of which Gomez said:" We want him to be happy and happy. The clause is eleven, but we do not rule out that it is raised because we reach an agreement with it. Down? I know the player we have and I know what Calero is worth and I think the clause is very cheap and the goal of the club should be to put it in 25 ". In addition, he added:" We are not in a hurry to make signings to please anyone, we have to make signings that Sergio, Ronaldo and me make us feel that they contribute a plus ".

Gómez also talked about his feelings after the rumors of his departure to Levante.The Andalusian gave his explanations and valued the president of the club : "I lived with the quiet conscience and transparency with which David communicated to you. My site is this I did not see myself out of here then because I respect people who have been outside. Ronaldo transmitted an enthusiasm and ideas to me. It was very important my conversation with him and with Carlos, of course, that he accompanied me here from the first day. I felt a lot of affection from the club and Ronaldo was very important because I think he is a very good person, regardless of whether we have to fine-tune the procedures, but the main reason why I'm still here is called Ronaldo. He is a very good person, he has a big heart, a lot of enthusiasm and some ideas that motivate me. "

Caso Oikos. David Espinar, director of the presidential office and person in charge of giving voice to the club regarding the Oikos case, but yesterday pulled "communication." And is that all questions on this issue repeated the same formula: " The club refers to the last statement, everything that is emerging now does not represent the opinion of the club" and asked if the situation of Borja was not better to start working at the club, the answer was again the same: "The statement is the last opinion of the club."

Also Espinar assessed the anger of the clubs for the agreement presented on Wednesday: "There is room to negotiate. That assembly should serve for the presidents to analyze the draft. Two clauses were missing. One relative to the percentage of locations for the visiting zone for the Federation of Peñas when Real Valladolid plays out and another that is an assessment made by the club of each of their assignments. Everything has a value, they are not going to charge "and explained the reason why the club will sell the tickets in home games:" It is in compliance that if we are the ones who ask for the tickets, we are the ones who sell "and" will not change the promotions in trips for peñistas, is going to reserve a percentage of tickets to the Federation. "He took the right hand of Ronaldo to announce that" each party will be four members in the box of authorities to attend To the match and in the box will be reserved 10 seats for the 10 oldest subscribers of theeal Valladolid, with a companion ".

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