Lorenzo: two broken vertebrae and falls in Holland and Germany

It has been confirmed that he suffers a stable fracture of the vertebrae D6 and D8 after the fall of the morning. He will not get on the bike in Assen or Germany anymore.

Dr. Angel Charte said that "he is worried about the intense pain in Lorenzo's back and lower back area" before he was subjected to further tests in the hospital in Assen and, once there, it was confirmed that he suffered a stable fracture in the vertebrae D6 and D8 and was transferred to another hospital in the city of Groningen. Thus it became official that will not take part in what remains of the GP of Holland and in the afternoon Alberto Puig, main team of Repsol Honda, confirmed that it will also cause loss in the GP of Germany next week. His replacement will be the tester of the golden wing Stefan Bradl.

The rider of Honda fell five minutes from the end of FP1, in which he was 18th, in turn 7, which is reached at 200 per hour before starting to reduce. Lorenzo lost the front train and circled over himself impactando against the gravel. He could rise by his own foot, but visibly stunned and in pain at the time of breathing, the result of that fracture in the D6, an area that already It was painful because of the strong fall suffered in the Montmeló test, two Mondays ago.

Puig, who had already spoken in the morning at the clinic's exit from the circuit, in the afternoon said the following: "Jorge has had a fall, well we do not know if this is due to the fall of Montmeló or what, but summarizing , has a fracture in the dorsal vertebra six that inside a vertebra is a vertebra, it is not a finger, it is a thing of a certain severity, fortunately is in a very protected area of the rib cage and there was no neurological involvement with which the doctor from Barcelona who has seen the images told us that he believes that with a corset for three or four weeks he can be prepared for Brno, but logically for next week at Sachsenring he will not be able to be ". And on the possible substitute for the Mallorcan, the Catalan says that "Bradl could be in Germany but I do not have certainty either, this has happened today and we have to establish a plan and see what is decided" .44 44444 "He has arrived stunned, disoriented and very unstable"

Dr. Ángel Charte, director of the medical service of MotoGP, had given a first medical report on the state of health of Jorge Lorenzo, in which he commented that the pilot "is well ", but also recognized that" concerns the intense pain in the back-lumbar area "of the pilot Honda.

This is exactly what he said at the exit of the circuit clinic:" Jorge is now fine. It has had a fall, which I think it has been, of what one would say, high energy. He has arrived stunned, slightly disoriented and certainly very unstable. We have done the relevant tests in here, a conventional radiography ... but I do not remain calm. We have decided, although there is no brain injury, that there is not, to do a complete radiological study at the level of the cervical spine to lumbosacral, and an abdominal touch. Worries intense pain in the dorsal-lumbar area ".

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