Llorente says goodbye to Madrid with a letter and greets Atleti

"I take great memories, many friends, unforgettable titles in magical nights and the respect and affection of all," says the new player of Atletico de Madrid.

Marcos Llorente said goodbye to Madrid with a letter on their social networks, after becoming official his transfer al Atlético de Madrid, in which he assured that he leaves "with nothing" to be reproached "and with nothing to reproach", after fulfilling his dream of childhood and win titles with Real Madrid. He also wanted to greet his new team with two messages: "The way is shown walking" and "the commitment is demonstrated working".

"I was a child who, like so many others, dreamed of playing football. I made an effort, sacrificed a lot of things and approached to make it a reality I started and dreamed of playing at Real Madrid, I learned, I left almost on the side ... and it was fulfilled ", he wrote next to a photo of the last Club World Cup in which he was chosen best player of the tournament.

" But one must never stop working, no matter how much he grows up. dream, no matter how many dreams are fulfilled Today I'm leaving Real Madrid, which has been my home for 10 years, I'm leaving with nothing to reproach myself and nothing to reproach, "he added.

Llorente closed his farewell highlighting the maximum delivery he has given every day he has been at Real Madrid and that the club thanked him in an official statement, with which he wished him luck in his new stage after being one of the outputs he asked ió the French technician Zinedine Zidane.

"" Hard work, quiet conscience ". Someone told me that phrase once and it defines my life well. I have not stopped applying it every day. As I have not stopped giving everything or defending the values that since I was a child taught me. I have great memories, many friends, titles unforgettable in magical nights and the respect and affection of all ".

" Thank you for your support and for your loyal demand. I will always carry in my heart every day that I defended this shirt and I heard your breath, "he said in his farewell to Real Madrid.

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