"Careful, Levy bites"

This was the warning that Pochettino launched last year when Real Madrid tried his signing. The white club meets him again in the 'Eriksen case'.

Christian Eriksen (27 years old) wants to leave Tottenham. So he confessed in an interview with the newspaper Ekstrabladet in which he urged Madrid to sign him. But in this operation, there is another very important actor: Daniel Levy, president of Tottenham. "It depends on Daniel Levy and the other club has to come" , said the Danish player, aware that the manager has the key to his future. But who is Levy?

Daniel Levy (Essex County, 1969), of Jewish descent and a graduate in Economics with honors at the University of Cambridge, is the president of Tottenham since the year 2001. He took the baton of command when ENIC Internacional, the sports investment, events and media company of which he is the CEO, c took most of the club's shares after the previous president, Alan Sugar, declared Tottenham bankrupt.

Almost since the beginning of his mandate, Levy began to cultivate his reputation as a relentless negotiator in transfers. Ask Berbatov (transferred to Manchester), Boateng (Milan), Keane (Liverpool) or Campbell (Arsenal), who came to see their wishes in danger change. Or at Real Madrid itself, which sweated in the hell that made the Tottenham leader the conversations by Modric (2012) and Gareth Bale (2013) . Both players declared themselves in absentia to force their exit to the Chamartín entity, but Levy He only gave in when he took Madrid to the last euro. The whites paid for Modric 30 million euros, while for Bale disbursed 101 million euros (on the horn of the market close), surpassing the 96 of Cristiano and turning at that time into the most expensive player in history. In two years, the Tottenham entered 131 million from Real Madrid. Levy's strategy has not changed in 18 years: speeding up the transfer term to raise the price of his players.

Last summer, Real Madrid also hit him when Florentino felt the signing of Pochettino to replace Zidane, which He resigned on May 31, 2018. The Argentine had signed a new five-year contract with Tottenham in which there was no clause of release (or verbal agreement) to let him out if Real Madrid knocked on his door (in the previous one there was ). Therefore, his departure depended on the approval of the president. A green light that did not come on. Pochettino already warned him in an interview in Cuatro: "Be careful, Daniel Levy bites ..."

But the Tottenham leader not only shows negotiating muscle when the business affects one of his players, but applies the same inflexible speech when he goes for a transfer. Classrooms, president of Olympique de Lyon condensed his experience with the British (the transfer of Lloris to Tottenham in 2012) in a single sentence: "I have not seen an equal thing in 25 years ..." Now, Real Madrid , if he decides to launch definitively for Eriksen, he will have to sit down with Levy again, although this time the white entity plays with one trick: the desire to change the air of a player who finishes contract next season.

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