Leclerc sends, Vettel is saved and two 'roosters' greet the walls

The Monegasque was the fastest, although the times of the Free 1 that Hamilton led were not lowered. Strong accidents of Bottas and Verstappen. Sainz, fifth.

He lost control of his car, his rear train escaped and skidding was packed against the wall of the last curve of the Red Bull Ring, crossing on its side an entire loophole painted in the colors of the Austrian flag. It was going to be a disaster. But no, Vettel's Ferrari, protagonist of this action, stopped a meter from the protections without more damage than the plane of the tires and without more pain than a good scare on the body. You can talk this time about the fate of the champions who did not have Verstappen or Bottas, perhaps because they are not.

The Dutch forced the first red flag of the Free 2 with a movement identical to 'Seb' with a rugged outcome, destroying the back of the RB15 in the home circuit, and from now on compromising his chances in this great prize he won a year ago. And Bottas replied to 'Mad Max' a few minutes later when his rear train escaped in Turn 6. He regained control with the Mercedes pointing towards the wall and crashed violently, seriously damaging the front of his car. Day of inaccuracies in Austria, some with better results than others, although all the drivers are fine.

In the classification of the afternoon leaded Leclerc with a 1: 05.086 and Ferrari was scored two sectors of three, because Vettel was the fastest in the first, that of the straight lines, and Charles in the second. For Hamilton was the third, and the Briton is left with the 'prize' at the best time of the day, a 1: 04.838 in the Free 1, when the cars of Maranello had not mounted soft tires. It is advisable not to obsess over the first time table because the conditions of the classification and the race coincide with the second. But of course, there are few references: Hamilton focused on long runs once they lost to Bottas and Vettel did not get to set a time limit for his exit.4,

Valtteri himself finished with the second best record, achieved with soft, followed by Pierre Gasly with the other Red Bull. Lewis was fourth and Carlos Sainz, fifth, without going to reduce the return of the morning (with which he was seventh, leading the middle zone in both rounds) . The McLaren of Madrid has a new engine with more top speed on a track full of straights, but will come from the back of the grid by the penalty involved in the change. He also had a trip through the gravel Carlos in Curve 7. At least the sensations are good to prepare the comeback in a circuit that allows overtaking.

For the rest, difficult to draw conclusions: six different cars in the first seven seats, with Grosjean sixth and Raikkonen seventh. Here Haas does comply, Kimi usually works everywhere lately, although there were no serious attempts by the Renault, at the bottom of the table. We will have to wait for the classification, because the grill is in Spielberg as compressed as disorderly. The only certainty is that in the end are the Williams (without counting the sanctions of Carlos and Albon), because even Mercedes seems here so unbeatable.

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