Leclerc gives Ferrari a joy

Monegasque Pole followed by Hamilton, who after a penalty from the FIA will come fourth, and Verstappen, 3rd. Sainz will come out last by changing the engine.

Arms, applause and joy in Ferrari, as if it had not happened what has happened during the last four months, or even just seconds before the 'show' of Charles Leclerc. "Come on baby!" Shouted the Monegasque after crossing the finish line and achieving the second pole position in his career in Austria, , with two perfect laps to the Red Bull Ring to punish the Mercedes with a correction of almost three tenths. Brilliant Leclerc, 21, who will open the grid for the second time in his career to fight for a victory. In the first, Bahrain, the engine failed. In this, the engine failed ... Vettel.

Because with a flying SF90, Ferrari could not align its two cars in the Q3. A problem with the air pressure of the power unit of 'Seb' left the tetracampeón without return, tenth, when they aspired to complete the first line. So it was second Hamilton, although he will be fourth for being sanctioned with three places for annoying Kimi in Q1, but he wins a spot for the penalty to Magnussen. The Briton was defended as he could from the attacks of Verstappen and Bottas, which in that order ended and will come second and third, respectively. Magnussen shone with great ephemeral talent that rarely lasts more than one lap to take the Haas to the fifth position, but as is also sanctioned it will be a good Norris who comes fifth with the McLaren, even better than Paul Ricard. Raikkonen, and Giovinazzi, with the Alfa Romeo, overtook Gasly in the final round showing once again the poor performance of the second Red Bull.

The paradisiacal landscape of Spielberg, between mountains and forests, under the bluest sky, with the heat fair (30ºC), the asphalt at the perfect temperature (50ºC) and the Dutch madness in the stands, contrasted with unbearable conditions on the track: constant traffic and gusty wind that caused a few errors in the three qualifying sessions. The first absorbed Perez and Stroll, with poor mechanics, and Kvyat, who had to jump through the escape to avoid Russell, asleep on the way to the garage. It was in that same court when Lewis blocked Raikkonen in Curve 3, in an action with rigorous punishment, but not surprisingly: he has already been punished with three penalty points several times in 2019.

In Q2 the Renault (Hulkenberg, plus five places to ride his fifth engine), in addition to Albon and Sainz, who in that order will occupy the last places on the grid this Sunday for penalties when using the fourth unit of power. It starts to go up the Madrid and it is possible in this layout with three areas of DRS and straight enough to enforce the aerodynamic efficiency of its MCL34 and the top speed of the new French propeller. Objective: score to continue commanding the middle zone. And give a show. There will be strategic battle, Mercedes and Red Bull start with medium tires and Ferrari, with soft tires. And fight hand to hand: with Leclerc, Verstappen, Norris or Hamilton contesting the lead in the first curve, you can not expect anything else.

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