LeBron could leave if the Lakers do not improve the team

According to Bill Plaschke (LATimes), the Lakers' player could ask for an exchange for next season if the franchise is not done with a second star.

The summer holidays began soon for the Hollywood franchise. So much that two seasons are almost ahead, it was March 23 when the Lakers mathematically certified his absence for the sixth consecutive season in the playoffs. An unexpected failure for the team and more unexpected for LeBron James, who would not play the postseason for the first time in 14 years, seeing also cut his streak of eight consecutive NBA finishes.

Eso was the tip of the iceberg because behind similar fiasco were the continuous injuries of several components of the staff, highlighting the capital importance that had his, and in the deepest was mismanagement of the cupola angelina. This last factor has continued to influence for bad with the season more than finished. The resignation of Magic Johnson as president of operations and his subsequent statements about his companion, general manager Rob Pelinka, warmed up even more an environment that began to take temperature in the winter market with the attempt failed to take over Anthony Davis to change of half equipment (points to not be the last) .

This facts do nothing but generate an uncertainty and insecurity that affects the workforce, the fans and, above all, to those futuribles to those who want to convince them to come back in the Lakers. And precisely this aspect is the most priority for the future. Not only to improve the template but to prevent the best player in the world to regret the decision, until the bad date, which took last summer to decide to play in Los Angeles, as Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times says: "I do not know to what extent it may be probable, but I heard that if the Lakers do not take advantage of free agency or some exchange, they would have a big problem with LeBron. Their era there could have ended before they started."

The reality is that the Lakers they have many interesting players to make a possible exchange, including the fourth election of the next draft that has fallen from the sky, but if all this is not fulfilled and there are no major movements can have even worse consequences than Californians have had this season. "Someone close to the player said: " If the team does not strengthen this summer, LeBron will want to go and tell the Lakers to get him out of there ", sentenced Plaschke.

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