Lasaosa's lawyer says that everything is due to misunderstandings

The lawyer of the former president of the Sociedad Deportiva Huesca exonerates his client of responsibility: "The leaks are full of conjecture and hypothesis".

The legal representative of Agustín Lasaosa, expresident of the Sociedad Deportiva Huesca, assures that the accusations made against his client for his presumed involvement in the case of presumable fighters in Spanish footballrespond to "misunderstandings" .

In a statement, this lawyer, José María Fuster-Fabra, explains that the "leaks" fractioned to media of documents of the summary while it was under secret were "plagued by conjectures and hypothesis that, understood in isolation, could lead to erroneous conclusions" .

Destaca that once partially lifted the secret summary, "no appears data neither evidence nor any indication" of participation of the former president of Huesca or in events related to sports betting or the "hypothetical alteration" of sporting results.

Seg The lawyer, ", seems to indicate that the misunderstanding comes from supposed immediate tasks carried out by third parties, tasks that are frequent and habitual in the world of football and that, at times, correspond to real intermediation actions and, in others, to contacts, conversations, recommendations, etc ... that are carried out informally ".

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