LaLiga opens an investigation for the Huesca-Nàstic

This process begins after the declarations of Íñigo López in El Mundo recognizing a pact between players of both teams for the triumph of the Catalan team.

The LaLiga Social Discipline Judge agreed to open an information procedure reserved by the Huesca-Nástic of the 2017 / 2018, season after the statements in El Mundo by the player of the Aragonese team at that time, and today of Depor, Íñigo López, recognizing a pact between players of one team and another for the triumph of the Catalan team.

LaLiga note says the following:

"In the morning today, and following the statements made by the player of RC Deportivo de la Coruña and ex of the SD Huesca, Íñigo López, published in the newspaper El Mundo, the Judge of Social Discipline of LaLiga, in view of the factual background reviewed and considering that they could derive various violations of the LaLiga Social Statutes, without prejudice or predetermine at this time the specific infractions of possible commission, has agreed, as provided in Article 80 of these Statutes s, the opening of a reserved information (before issuing the ruling that decides the initiation of disciplinary proceedings or, as the case may be, the filing of the proceedings) to discern the possible responsibility of SD Huesca and Club Gimnástic de Tarragona, which if it exists, it may, where appropriate, give rise to the appropriate disciplinary consequences for possible violation of article 69.2.i) of LaLiga's Bylaws -. Very serious infringements are considered: (...) i) The actions aimed at predetermining , determine or alter at any time and / or form, through price, intimidation or simple agreements, the result of a match or competition. '"

Possible sanctions

Based on Article 75 of the Second Chapter of the Disciplinary Code of the Royal Spanish Federation of Football, these are the sanctions to which the players and clubs involved in a "predetermined result" are exposed os ":

1. All conduct directed to the predetermination of results, will be considered a very serious infraction, and will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of this article. a) Those who with gifts, presents, offers or promises to the arbitrators obtained or try to obtain a partial performance and those who accept or receive them, will be sanctioned, as authors of a very serious infraction, with disqualification for a period of two to five years; In addition, six points will be deducted in their classification from the clubs involved, and the match will be canceled. b) Those that intervene in agreements leading to the obtaining of an irregular result in a match, either due to the anomalous performance of one or both of the contending teams or one of their players, already using as an indirect means the improper alignment of either of these, the presentation of a team notoriously inferior to the usual or other procedure conducive to the same purpose, will be sanctioned, as authors of a very serious infraction, with disqualification for a period of two to five years, and six points of its classification will be deducted. the clubs involved, declaring the party null, whose repetition will only proceed in the event that one of the two opponents is not guilty and there is a prejudice for this or for third parties not responsible.

2. Those who participate in the commission of the infractions described in sections a) and b) without having direct and material responsibility, will be punished with in authorization or deprivation of license for a period of two years. To determine the degree of responsibility of these subjects, the disciplinary body will take into account the rules on liability established by the criminal legislation.

3. The club directly benefited by the behavior described in section 1 of this article, may be punished with the loss of category, in the case that a link can be demonstrated with the authors of the infraction.

4. In any case, the seizure of the amounts will have taken place if they have been made effective.

Andreu: "The Huesca-Nàstic? We are victims "

After the presentation of Sergi Parés, the president of Nàstic, Josep Maria Andreu, spoke about the interview of Íñigo López in El Mundo and was resounding:" For months we have been surprised by what is said of Huesca-Nàstic We are victims of all this We went to Huesca to win and We did it. I am surprised and saddened by everything that is happening. When the betting came out we already filed a claim to Federbet and looked at the game and did not detect anything. There are two blunders in football and they are Sports Public Limited Companies and bets. I do not suffer from any of this, I am very calm and what I want is for it to be resolved as soon as possible. We do not deserve this. We have suffered for thisr here ".

A now they wait for LaLiga to quote them to give explanations and they have no problem doing it." When LaLiga calls us we will give all the pertinent explanations. I do not know any player from Huesca and I have never spoken to anyone there. I do not understand Íñigo López's statements. It is a personal opinion and he will have to explain them. We won, but even with the draw we would have been satisfied ".

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