Klay Thompson breaks the crusade before becoming a free agent

The worst diagnosis for Klay Thompson is confirmed. He was injured in the last game of the season ... which could be the last in the Warriors.

Klay Thompson was the great protagonist of the sixth and final match of the Finals without being one of the winners. The Warriors player hurt his left knee when he went into the basket with Danny Green in the third quarter and ended up going to the locker room, returning to throw the free throws and getting out of the court again.

After the match he has known the medical part of the player through his agent, Greg Lawrence. And it is devastating. Thompson has broken the anterior cruciate ligament of that rodilla, which will keep him off the field for an approximate period of from six to eight months. Would go back to the start of 2020.

Thompson, who finished with 30 points this game, wanted to continue playing the game. As it was later known, he told his coach Steve Kerr that he needed "a two-minute break" to "be prepared" ... with a broken knee. He left the pavilion carrying crutches.

The injuries have hit the Warriors very hard. In addition to the physical problems of Iguodala or Curry, Kevon Looney was in and out of the tie for the title up to three times, Kevin Durant has broken the Achilles tendon and that of Klay Thompson is already the icing on top of this bitter cake.

What does

mean? The situation is tremendously complex for Thompson, which follows Durant's path in every way. It is free agent as of June 30 and his situation in the Warriors is not at all clear because of the complexity when squaring salaries that Bob Myers, the president of the basketball side of the franchise has. By not entering the best quintets of the NBA and lost about 30 million, the contract he seeks is the maximum (190 million, approximately) and there are doubts whether the financial engineering of the Warriors could support its renewal and those of others: Durant, Cousins, Green next year ...

Apart from what can happen with the team and the player, this also affects the other important players that will move in the market. Thompson's decision could radically change the landscape of the Irving, Butler and others.

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