Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant plan to play together

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, both stars have held talks to assess the possibility of playing together next season; Clippers and Knicks options.

Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard plan to play together next season. This has been reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, who has reported that both stars are in talks to assess the possibility of sharing equipment next season. The two basketball players are free agents and are the most attractive of a transfer market that is about to begin.

Remember that both Durant and Kawhi have rejected the player option they had with the Warriors and the Raptors respectively and can negotiate with any team of the league. The Golden State in particular has been played rejecting the 31 million that could have charged next season due to his injury to the Achilles tendon. It will be necessary to see how he returns to the tracks, although the break will not prevent him from having numerous suitors.

Leonard's case is different. It has been one of the stories of the season and has been the cornerstone that has allowed Toronto to end the warrior dynasty and get the first ring in its history. After his abrupt departure from San Antonio, it seemed that the achievement of the championship and good relations with the franchise would make him stay in Canada, but after rejecting his choice of player every time seems further away from the Raptors, who will still fight to sign him.

Although his name has sounded very strong in the environment of the Lakers, but if you want to play with Durant the chances are not in the LeBron team. According to Woj, the two teams that have the best chance of joining both players are the Clippers and the Knicks. The reason? The salary space. These two franchises have enough salary margin to join the two stars, and would be favorites if they want to share equipment. That would alienate the purple and gold, who only have space to sign a big star.

At the moment there is no certainty that Kawhi and Durant will end up sharing clothes, but the rumors and the different information are still happening on the eve of the beginning of the transfer market.

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