Jonathan Barnett and the tactics of the last day of the market

Bale (on Barnett's advice) is in his role. He has three years left and he will not lose money. They will present their march at the last moment.

The office that Jhonathan Barnett has in an exclusive neighborhood in the center of Londres is presided over by a large mural. It is a snapshot of the presentation of Bale at Bernabéu, in the summer of 2013, in which there is a caption: "The most expensive signing in history". It was at the time (101 million) and Barnett boasted of him as a hunter of his best dejected piece. Jonathan Barnett is the owner of the largest representation company by volume of athletes. Stellar Group has more than 300 payrolls among soccer, baseball players and the most varied disciplines. Alarnett Barnett gives a comprehensive service to all of them: "They only have to worry about playing, we take care of everything, buying their cars, their houses, their finances, what they eat ..."

The agent of Bale competes with Mendes and Mino Raiola for being in the first place in the career ladder of his profession every year. In 2018, according to the magazine Forbes, it invoiced 67.7 million euros in commissions. Mendes 85.5 and Raiola 53.5. They are true multinationals.

Bale (on the advice of Barnett) is in his paper. You have three years of contract and you will not lose money. They will present their march at the last moment. And they will do that by looking for the destination team to pay a very small amount of money so their salary can increase.

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