Italy could help Madrid in its 'Operation Exit'

An Italian tax law will allow its clubs to pay less taxes and take on the salaries of white discards. They have called for James, Theo, Kovacic ...

Italia prepares to give entry from June 29 to its own Ley Beckham, a new tax regime with which the clubs of Calcio are already rubbing their hands and that may affect, in full, Real Madrid. The new law will allow to pay very small amounts in the salaries of the signings coming from abroad: that is the great interest that the Madridista discards are generating in the transalpine market. The Napoles is close to signing to James (and also asked by Theo, Marcos Llorente and Ceballos), the Juventus has been fixed at Theo, the Milan at Ceballos and the other club in the city, the Inter, at Nacho and Kovacic .. .

The new legislation in the country of La Bota will allow any person who has not resided in the last two years in Italy (Italian or otherwise) and who intends to keep their tax residence there for at least 24 months, will be able to pay only 30% of your income. A footballer who for example perceives a million euros, you will see how 700,000 of them would be free of the IRPF being applied to them. In the case of the southern regions of Italy, according to a study carried out by Garrigues, that percentage of 30% would be reduced to 10% over the next five years.

That is, Naples (southern club) will be able to assume the high salary of James, 7 million euros per season, because the Colombian will only have to pay taxes on 700,000 € . The Neapolitan club can thus assume the "important sacrifice" that is, in the words of Aurelio De Laurentiis, both the purchase and the salary of the coffeemaker.

A change of landscape that makes the players with whom Zidane does not count and that have generous contracts become very attractive among the powerful entities of Serie A, which join the range of proposals that are coming from England and Germany, until now the main destinations of players who left the Bernabéu in recent years.

They return to Madrid ...

Tal is so, except for the departure of Christian to Juventus last summer, a signing of special dimensions because it was not a discarding, the former Madridista to emigrate to Italy was Morata ( also to Juve) in 2014 in exchange for 20 million euros. Italy becomes competitive again and the best example has been the recent signing of Marco Llorente by Atlético. Inter called the midfielder and exmadridista a week ago offering him a contract with which he would earn more money than he will charge in the Metropolitan ...

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