"It is more important to be where you are wanted, even if you earn less"

Mario Suárez, 32, will continue in Rayo until June 2022. The Spaniard will be one of the pillars of the team in his new adventure in Second.

Your renovation has been one of those news that delude the rayismo. Mario Suárez will wear the Strip until 2022 and the club's website picked up his first reactions, once his continuity was officialized. "I already said that I was going to listen to Rayo and that's how it was, I want to thank the president, Cobeño and the club for the effort they have made so that I can continue." Sometimes, in life, it is more important to earn less money And in where I really love you, . And in Vallecas I've felt from the first day like at home, I'm very happy and from now on I think about going up to Primera, "said the midfielder.

Mario Suárez, 32, arrived at Rayo in the past winter market and soon became a site in the eleven. He won the love of the fans thanks to su game and his charisma. He also remembered it on a special day like this. "To the fans, I say thank you, for how they have treated me since the first day, I am delighted to continue, I like to play in Vallecas and the atmosphere that exists in the stadium, I want to start. a great joy and climb to the First Division to stay many years, we need, "said the media.

The goal is clear. Mario has it between his eyebrows. He is the first stone of the new project. " We have to think about going up to the team, there is no other objective in mind, it must be that of all of us who remain in the team. We did things badly and that's why we descended.Now we have to think about ascending, working very hard in preseason, the club make a great team because la Second is very difficult and you have to be up from the first day. That is achieved with work, a good template and a good communion between fans, club and players, "he said.

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