Imminent agreement by Rubén Vezo for 5 million

Levante and Valencia close the details of an operation that would amount to 6 million per variable. It will be the most expensive plant in Orriols.

Rubén Vezo will return to wear the shirt of the Orriols team next season. Levante and Valencia close the details of an operation, which in the absence of becoming official and resolve the last fringes, would close around five million and a series of variables that could reach one million euros and an agreement for more than three years for the important bet of the club.

A number that would make Vezo the most expensive defense in the history of the entity granota and one of the operations of greater assembly. AS was able to confirm that the negotiations between clubs are very advanced by a player in which there was total consensus in the entity.

Quico Catalán, who has commanded the signing personally, the new sports area and Paco López agreed that he was the right player for the to bet firmly in this market to carry out the renovation of the rear, where Chema and Saveljich occupy the exit ramp.

The distances in the operation were obvious. The blanquinegro set fired their pretensions at first. The bid started at 10 million euros by Valencia and the Levant was shooting down by a player who faces his final year of contract, ends on June 30, 2020, and in January could be free, but that has been revalued after passing through Orriols and in the offices of Valencia they rubbed their hands with the offers. The quantities, finally, are around five 'kilos' plus a series of variables. A record number But a bet on insurance.

Vezo settled from the first moment in the team, debuting literally days after his signing playing the 90 minutes against Getafe. Since then, only an inconvenience against Villarreal and a penalty for the accumulation of yellow took him out of the eleven. The experience had been pleasant for all parties and there was an intention to resolve it as soon as possible. 15 meetings and two goals adorned his step by Orriols.

Vezo will be from the beginning of the preseason, which kicks off the next July 8, as was the interto club granota. However, the arrival of the Portuguese does not close the chapter of incorporations in defense, but now the exits will be prioritized.

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