Ibaka or Mirotic? Garbajosa says it will be "a joint decision"

Jorge Garbajosa has reviewed in an informative breakfast the news of the Selection while waiting for the list to arrive for the World Cup.

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Jorge Garbajosa, explained that the "momentous" call for the men's World Cup in China will be "a joint decision" with the coach Sergio Scariolo and the technical director José Ignacio Hernández , while he has shown his confidence that there is no "greater problem" for Ricky Rubio to compete in the competition, since the NBA franchises are "showing total collaboration with international federations" .

La baja de Pau Gasol, which will lose the World Cup in China due to injury, causes a major 'hole' in the indoor game and Garbajosa was asked if that increases the options of Serge Ibaka to the detriment of Nikola Mirotic, since only one of them can be called due to the regulations FIBA.

"These are decisions that we talk a lot about. the table to reach a joint decision. When you have to make decisions as momentous as the call for a men's team for a World Cup, you have to value a lot of things: composition of the squad, physical condition ... "Garbajosa explained to the press.

" Sergio Scariolo, José Ignacio Hernández and I sit down, talk, make proposals and give points of view. Of course the word of the coach is decisive and our respect for his work is maximum, but it is such an important decision that we like to speak it to decide the best, "he added.


In an informative breakfast organized by FEB, the president He explained that Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks, the Ibaka and Mirotic teams, respectively, are the two NBA franchises with which he has "been able to speak for the past two months": "Talking to the Raptors operations director, Masai Ujiri, the argumental modernity with which they face the new international scenarios is commendable. For Raptors, having Marc Gasol or Ibaka represent Spain is a 'plus' for their franchise that favors their external visibility. They are showing total collaboration with the international federations in search of common interest, "he said about the predisposition of the NBA to cede players for the World.

In this regard, he hopes that there is" no major problem "so that Ricky Rubio can go to China "After I do not know how many years in the NBA, Ricky for the first time can decide his future and that gives him more autonomy to negotiate. I have spoken with Ricky twice in recent days and the feeling is absolute tranquility. "The Catalan will become a free agent on July 1 and" can start to negotiate ":" With the prestige he has earned with his performance on the court I am convinced that you will not miss girlfriends. I hope he solves his future and completes the procedures as soon as possible so that he joins at the end of July with the selection ", he wished.

Other important name of the selection is Álex Abrines, who arrived without playing since February, when he rescinded his contract with Oklahoma City Thunder due to a personal problem that Garbajosa preferred not to speak out of respect. "Both Alex and his agent are personal friends of mine. I have to be very respectful of your personal situation. When we talk about contracts or ankles, knees and shoulders, we can talk about them or us. But when we talk about personal situations, it's something about the player. He knows that he has opened the doors of the federation and that he has us at his disposal for what he needs ", he offered.

After a list of" around 16 players "that Sergio Scariolo" will announce, as always, when the national competitions ", the Spanish national team will begin its preparation and" an atypical but very exciting tour "of friendly matches." We will play four matches in national territory and three out. We are particularly excited about the game we will play against the United States at the initiative of USA Basketball on August 16 in California and that will help us increase our competitiveness ", he recalled about the friendly 'star' against the US team.

Two weeks later, Spain will begin its journey in the World Cup, where it will compete in the first phase against Túnez, Puerto Rico and Iran.The tournament has double importance because the first two European teams will go directly to the Olympic Games, while the third to the tenth will have to compete a pre-Olympic "in late May or early June 2020" .

On the other hand, Garbajosa acknowledged that he is living the NBA Finals "as a fan of Toronto." "As a former player I have a special affection for the city and the franchise and I am delighted. It's a franchise that has fought a lot. I know the owner, Larry Tenebauma man who has not stopped investing economic resources in something that has caught me by surprise. I did not expect to see them ahead of Golden State in the Finals. Hopefully the next morning they will finish it and be NBA champions ", he confessed.

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