How does the F1 heat wave affect the Austrian Grand Prix?

The mechanics are tested under 35ºC of the Red Bull Ring sun. "It can complicate tire management," says Raikkonen.

With average Europe under the influence of a heat wave, it is logical to ask what consequences the increase in temperatures has for a sport as physical as mechanical, Formula 1. This weekend will be around 35ºC in Red Bull Ring, about ten degrees more than a year ago in the same GP of Austria. The asphalt of Spielberg will surpass even the 50ºC with the monoplazas in the track, and that will have obvious consequences in the degradation of the tires during the race.

To talk about heat, who better than 'Iceman'. Kimi Raikkonen, AS: "It is true that it will be very hot and that can complicate the conditions of the tires in the race, although last weekend, at Paul Ricard, it was like that." As far as I know, it will be necessary to work well with the tires and on that part yes it can become a little more difficult considering the strategies ". Perhaps the pilots must opt for harder options that maintain their performance during more laps. Again, as in France, start the test with the soft Pirelli seems a bad choice.

In addition to the tires, the temperature can seriously affect the reliability of the car. On the one hand the brakes, already subjected to an average tension in this layout with several curves of angles of ninety degrees which are reached after long straights. The pedal is pressed seven times per revolution and during the 15 percent of the race, the manufacturer Brembo indicates, and it would not be uncommon to see certain smoke coming from the discs if the cooling does not work correctly. In fact, that is another key point: some teams review the air intakes for this type of racing for fear of overheating, for example, the engine.

Carlos Sainz, also in response to this medium, stresses that physically no It will be a bigger challenge than usual for the driver: "It's not an extremely physical circuit, it's very fast, that's why the neck notices it ... As for the car, the heat is the same for everyone and we hope to adapt well, because we do not know if we are doing well or not, the important thing in these circumstances is that reliability is usually a problem and we have to make sure that we do not have failures of that type ". By the way, late in the afternoon of Thursday the skies of Austria opened and a huge shower fell.

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