Honda will give a big boost in Italy with its fourth engine

Sakura's engineers are developing a fourth specification that will debut at Monza to reduce the distance with Mercedes and Ferrari.

Although are still behind Mercedes and Ferrari in power and reliability, Honda looks to the future with optimism. After three difficult seasons with McLaren, the Japanese have found in Toro Rosso and Red Bull the tranquility and freedom necessary to perfect its power unit.

A propeller, which after the improvement premiered at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2019 to resolve the problem in the quality control presented by the previous version, grants 972 horsepower, a figure that will increase in the Grand Prix Italy 2019.

"The season is still long and we are making progress, we had solved our problems, but when Mercedes put the party mode in Q3, we immediately lost three tenths in the first sector of Monaco. Ferrari during the winter In Monza the fourth engine will arrive with a major improvement . If the jump is large, we may accept to penalize before. With the figures that we have of Honda, it will be a real boost ", confirms Helmut Marko in 'Motorsportotal'.

Cabe highlight that the pentacampeones will make debut in the Great Prize of Canada 2019 the second engine specification devised for the World Formula 1 2019, a breakthrough focused on extracting higher performance to the energy recovery system that will raise Honda's deficit with respect to silver arrows up to 38 horses.

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