Honda admits that it must improve

The third sector of the Gilles Villeneuve, of pure power, left palpable that the Japanese engine is still behind Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari.

One of the most vehement battles that can be observed, race after race, in the Formula One World Championship 2019 is the dispute between Renault and Honda for demonstrating that their power unit is not the propeller that owns less horses of the 'Great Circus' .

A combat that has raised its intensity in the Great Prize of Canada 2019. Because the characteristics of the layout of Gilles Villeneuve, especially the third sector that houses a long straight line of more than a kilometer in length, supposed a test of fire for both engines. And the data thrown in this part of the circuit gives the victory to the machine of Viry-Châtillon.

Almost four kilometers per hour has been the deficit that have suffered the whole test the RB15 and STR14 compared to the RS19 and MCL34. Asked about this inequality, Toyoharu Tanabe admits that they must improve quickly: "We must work to improve our performance as soon as possible, given that we now reach the first consecutive races in France and Austria" .

It must be remembered that Tanabe has admitted that they must equip a new power unit before the summer break for reliability issues, as Red Bull does not expect to be able to fight for the victories against Mercedes until the Singapore Grand Prix 2019.

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