Hazard says goodbye to Chelsea with a letter: "My dream was to play at Real Madrid"

The new Real Madrid player thanked these years spent in the English team: "I came with 21 years and I'm a man".

The new player of Real Madrid, Eden Hazard, has been very happy after the confirmation of his signing by the white club this Friday and recognized that "it was no secret" that his dream was to play in the 13 times European champion since he scored "his first goal" as a football player when he was a boy.

" It was no secret that my dream is to play for Real Madrid since I scored my first goal," said the Belgian player on his social networks, where he thanked to Chelsea the treatment received during his seven seasons as player 'blue'.

"I wanted to do my best not to distract or distract the team during this difficult period of speculation and media attention, especially the last six months (...) "I arrived when was only 21 years old and I became a man, a player with you, you helped me co become a captain of the national team of Belgium, "wrote Hazard.

" When I remember my special moments with the Chelsea jersey there are many, are fortunate to have won many more games of we have lost (...) Someday I will be able to sit down with a beer and talk or laugh proudly about my failed penalty that gave rise to my header to win the league against Crystal Palace or the goals against Tottenham, Arsenal or Liverpool, "said the Belgian international.

Finally, Hazard He showed his affection to the followers of Chelsea, that " will always be special" and declared that he will be pending the next season of his results. " I hope we meet in the Champions and all so that we can meet again," concluded the talented merengue footballer, who will be presented at his new home on Thursday 13.

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