Hamilton bursts the party by a controversial sanction to Vettel

Penalty of five seconds for 'Seb', who came first, for leaving no space to his rival after a runway exit. Podium of Leclerc and 11th of Sainz.

Hamilton crossed the second goal, but won the race because of a Vettel driving error that triggered a controversial penalty. 'Seb' defended his pole position at the start, started the race dreamed by his engineers and overcame the process of pit stop without incident. But when everything had to be normal, with the first escaping from the rest, Lewis insisted on bothering: pressed Ferrari to exhaustion, reached the distance of DRS and came to lean out in a couple of laps looking for a failure of his opponent or the car, to the limit in the temperature of the brakes.

I found it: on the 48th lap, Vettel braked late in Turn 8, shortened by the grass and when he rejoined the track, with a single-seater out of control, he closed the passage to the Mercedes condemning it to the escape. Then come the nuances: race release? Did the German have no choice? There are too many. The FIA stewards saw an infringement and applied a five-second penalty to the four-time champion, when they informed Lewis that he stuck like a limpet to the theoretical leader of the race. He won without overtaking, the podium completed a correct Leclerc, but the Ferrari party ended before starting.

The output again left in evidence a bad Bottas, who lost the position with Hulkenberg and had to run against. After the change of tires could be done with the Renault, and that he needed to three attempts on a fierce Ricciardo in the eternal straight of Gilles Villeneuve. The Finn finished fourth, but if he is the only rival of Lewis for the title, This step back feels a bad precedent. Verstappen raced up to fifth place with some solidity, passed the French cars with rubber bands in good condition but there was nothing more to aspire to. Daniel and Nico followed him in the best race of his team this year. After them, eighth, a Gasly that came fifth and was blocked by Stroll.

Carlos Sainz finished eleventh, out of the points, unable to defend himself from the final attack of the local hero, Lance with Racing Point, and Kvyat, with better wheels. He had managed to settle in the ninth place after a good comeback for strategy, but his initial brake problems forced him to overtake his stop too much and in the end he paid the price in a race full of difficulties for the Madrid, complaining about the delivery of power electrical He advanced hand-to-hand to the Haas, but in the end it served little. Worse was Lando Norris, who had to park the MCL34 at the end of the 'pit lane' and get off in a hurry with fire in his rear train because of the brakes. The benefits of the Woking left something cold to those who expected more. Some things change, but others not so much ... that they tell Ferrari.

Photos from as.com

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