Greece and China, markets that probe Iturraspe

The steering wheel does not give up, wants to show that it has not forgotten to play and wants to "compete", as they slide from their environment. Nothing of soccer paradises. Prefers competitive leagues

Ander Iturraspe has been on the market for a long time, before the Athletic decreed his planned non-renewal. Abadiño's midfielder is a discreet guy, he does not like the statements and in fact it has taken him weeks to say goodbye through a missive from his legacy in Bilbao. But Iturraspe does not give up, he wants to show that he is a footballer who has not forgotten to play and seeks to "compete" , as they slide from their surroundings. Not any football paradises for veterans. He prefers Competitive Leagues.

The market of China and Japan tempts him, also the PAOK of Greece has probed him, although Iturraspe, always cautious, prefers to meditate his immediate scale and wait for the clubs that can reach him from Spain or England. The Leeds of Bielsa is not disposable either. With the Argentine coach he lived his best moments governing the wide area of Athletic. El Flaco was international with Vicente Del Bosque as coach. He liked very much his temper and quality in the exit of the ball, although finally Villarreal midfielder Bruno Soriano snatched the spotlight as substitute of Busquets.

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