Golden State would offer the maximum to Durant ... to transfer it?

As reported by NBCS, the Golden State Warriors would be considering offering a maximum contract to his star and then transfer it.

Kevin Durant's injury in the fifth game of the NBA Finals against the Raptors changed his future. The forward, who had previously fallen to the Rockets, forced to play a match that was win or go home for his own and paid more than. The doctors confirmed the worst omens. It was the Achilles tendon. One of the worst ailments that have existed in the sport and in the North American League.

Since the break was confirmed, Durant's future has been questioned. This particular injury is very serious and causes great difficulties in his recovery. Players like Kobe Bryant, Mehmet Okur or Rudy Gay have suffered it, and when they have returned to the courts they have not been the same again. The most recent victim is a DeMarcus Cousins whose conclusions can not yet be drawn, but who until now has been far from his best level. The same can happen with the eaves. At the moment it has around nine months of recovery, and when he returns, it will be necessary to see how he does it.

The ex of the Thunder was going to be the biggest attraction of the next transfer market, which starts on July 1. He had already hinted at his desire to leave the team in La Bahía, assuring that he owes nothing to anyone and that he did not plan to forgive money in his next contract. However, the tendon injury and all that this entails, could change the opinion of some of the teams that were going to push hard for the wing.

Also to the Warriors, who have never been discarded at all to retain him. In Golden State are considering different options, and the latest rumors would point to the desire of the franchise would be to offer the maximum to the eaves ... and then transfer it. So has Josh Schrock, of NBCS, who said that this is one of the possibilities that would be raised in the directive warrior.

According to the journalist, the still franchise of the star would consider offering the maximum. Recall that by agreement, Durant would charge 57 million more than with any other equipment in this type of contract. And it would be in five years, which would ensure the economic future of a player who, remember, is injured.

Schrock has reported that the intention of the Warriors is to make a delayed sign-and-trade. That is, get back with the player once he has gone to free agency, leave it in rehabilitation and look for a transfer. With this possibility, the franchise could take advantage of the operation no matter what happened; On the one hand, they would achieve something in the hypothetical transfer , something that would not happen if the player signed as a free agent. On the other hand, there would be the possibility of not finding what they look for in other teams (the Knicks sound) and therefore they could keep it in the squad, something that they do not rule out.

For the moment, Durant is still part of Golden State, with the who has played in the last three seasons getting two champion rings and being the MVP of the Finals of both titles. It is also necessary to bear in mind that the star can make effective the player option of 31 million that he has with the team to follow one more season, something that can happen until the next transfer market opens. If this happens, it would still be the Warriors; Of course, they could transfer it as of July, and the team that received it would only have it for one season, although it would not assume a contract as big as the one they are considering in La Bahía.

There is no information about what Durant is going to do in these last days of June, but what is certain is that the immediate future of the player has changed when falling prey to the injury of the Achilles tendon. Of course, the possibility of offering the maximum to the player from next month, as reported by Schrock, could be intended to ensure the future of the player and sports reward for what was given to the franchise, in addition to removing pressure at the time of return to the courts of such a complicated injury.

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