Genius and figure: Marc confirms how he felt in celebrating the Raptors title

The center has posted a message on Twitter with the performance of Freddie Mercury in the 1985 Live Aid. That was the state he found himself on Monday.

The images of Marc Gasol in the celebration of the title of the Raptors did not go unnoticed by anyone. In a demonstration of joy without brakes the Spanish was one of the main protagonists of the parade, demonstrating its ability to ingest liters of alcohol uploaded to a bus while it made the delights of peers and fans cheering as the most to the masses.

Tres days Then he wanted to share his feelings with the Canadian city, which he thanked for making him feel like "a rock star for a day", according to his own words. And he has accompanied the message on his Twitter account with a video of Freddie Mercury's famous performance at the 1985 Live Aid at Wembley.

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