Gay replaces Gallego in charge of the Espanyol subsidiary

He was a former parrot player between 1988 and 1991 and has trained 12 clubs in 17 years. "I come to give continuity to the project," he said.

In one day, the club has already changed the face of its first team and branch. After presenting David Gallego as the new coach of Espanyol, José Aurelio Gay, who was a parakeet footballer from 1988 to 1991, he joined the branch.. He signs for one season and his goal is to give continuity to Gallego's good work. "I have my game idea, I will give my touch, but I will adapt to the club's methodology. You have to give continuity to good work and for the boys to follow and improve their development. "

The 54-year-old coach, born in Madrid, has an extensive career in the category, where has led up to 12 teams in the last 17 years, among them Real Madrid C in two stages, which reinforces its pedagogical side. "I am delighted to return here because I was 30 years ago, from 88 to 91. It is one of the strongest quarries there are, every year talented players come out," he said.

Finally, the technician, who will renew another season if he meets A series of objectives, has realized the potential of the club and its base football, where each season surprises with new players in the top flight. "The club has values and the players absorb them. They see that they have possibilities of reaching the first team and that is stimulating for them ", he finished.

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