Gastón Casas, to Lopetegui: "They threw you out of the Red one for traitor"

"And you lasted two minutes in Madrid." The extelantero of the Betis charges against the technician to say that it arrives "to the best equipment of Seville".

Gastón Casas, former Argentine striker who played several seasons at Betis at the beginning of the century, charged hard on the social networks against Julen Lopetegui after he affirmed in his presentation with Sevilla that he was coming "to the best team" of the Seville capital. "They threw you out of your selection as a traitor, in Madrid you lasted two little minutes" .

"You can do things with respect and they will judge you by the same results." What a desire to get into polemics quickly. do not even get to know the city ... ", added the exatacante. Gastón Casas scored the two goals that allowed the promotion to First in Jaén, during the last day of 2000-01.

No was the only exjugador or amateur who has recriminated Lopetegui his words at a press conference. The Basque, in In reality, what he had done was to answer a question about the alleged interest of Betis also in obtaining their services.

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