Gallardo: "I'm excited that my name sounds at Atlético"

The left-handed Mexican side feels flattered by the mattress interest. "If the transfer happens I will be happy with God and with me for my effort," he said on ESPN.

The name of Jesús Gallardo has been incorporated a few dates ago to the list of futuribles in Atlético. The left side of the Mexican Monterrey is in the orbit of the red and white sports management. Form, along with Lodi (Paranaense) and Telles (Oporto), the trio of priority objectives to reinforce the position of the left-back. Precisely the Mexican defense has referred to that possibility in an interview on ESPN and has made clear that the idea seduces.

"Until now I have not said anything about an offer from Atlético, my representative has not told me anything either, I'm happy that my name sounds, obviously generates illusion, but I'm working every day, I'm excited to be in Rayados and be in the National Team, to win the Gold Cup, I'm focused on that, "he said .222222 Gallardo recognized "If you give it, I will be happy with God and with me for my effort, otherwise I will also be calm and keep working the same", he explained in ESPN.

Gallardo is a left-handed player 24 years old, with an offensive profile and good physical display "I really like playing side and end because I'm not too tied back, with Tata Martino's tactic in the national team I joined the attack a lot, I'm very happy to be there and I'm going to do it in the best way ", he explained about his style.

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