Froome, in intensive care

The cyclist was operated in the late afternoon of the fracture of the femur, elbow and ribs that occurred in the recognition of the Dauphiné's chrono.

Chris Froome is in the Intensive Care Unit of Saint-Etienne Hospital after undergoing surgery to treat fractures of the femur, elbow and ribs, plus a hip fracture that was known later, that occurred in the fall who suffered in the recognition of the Dauphiné's chrono and that will prevent him from competing in the next Tour de France.

A late afternoon his wife Michelle wrote that Froome was being treated for fractures. "Chris is undergoing surgery right now to repair the multiple fractures, please have him in your thoughts. I hope to be able to share a message from Chris tomorrow morning."

He also analyzed the situation Sir Dave Brailsford, manager Team Sky, on the BBC Radio 5 podcast BeSpoke: "Time is of the essence in these situations They have operated to ensure that the first phase of medical care is as optimal as possible and we will manage it from there. It's a situation that It is worrying, there is no doubt about it, it is not in good shape, There are falls and bad falls and this has been a bad fall ".

Brailsford also gave more details on BBC Radio 5 about the incident. "We were doing a technique down a straight line with houses on both sides." He told Wout he was going to wipe his nose, he took his hand off the handlebar to do it and a gust of wind hit his front wheel, he lost control and he was Directly against the wall of a house We have reviewed your data, it went from 54 km / h to zero. After having put all your efforts for the Tour, now you must channel everything you have in your recovery ".

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