Fred VanVleet and the baby who brought 30 triples under his arm

The substitute base was father between the third and the fourth party of the end of the East. Since then he has gotten 54.8% of three shots.

The good performance of Fred VanVleet was always a good sign for the Toronto Raptors. The substitute base is a key player from the bench and his contribution is usually closely related to the successes or failures of his team. That's how it was tonight, with his 22 points in the decisive game against the Warriors. But the leading role in these playoffs started for him quite late.

Except the first playoff game against the Magic, in which he signed 14 points, VanVleet had a very bad run until last May 21, in the fourth game against the Bucks. What happened so that your streak changed? The birth of his son the previous day. Shontai Neal, his girlfriend, gave birth 11 days earlier than expected, so the Raptors player traveled to Chicago to be present. Without sleeping anything, of course. And get back on the plane heading to Toronto to get 13 points. The first time he scored in double digits since that first game against the Magic.

On day 22 the Raptors traveled to Milwaukee to play the fifth game of the conference finals on the 23rd, and VanVleet as he arrived he took a car and drove to Chicago to spend the night with your family. The next day he got back in the car and arrived at the pavilion in the afternoon to score 21 points, the best score of his post-season career. And on Friday the 24th with the team again to Toronto for Saturday the 25th again to be decisive in the classification of the Raptors to its first final with 14 points.

In those three games he made 14 triples in 17 attempts. An 82.3% success from the perimeter that sounds unreal but that was true. In the final he also started less successful, with a 3/12 in the first two meetings in Toronto. But from the third he was again key, scoring 15 triples in the last four games, 5/11 in tonight. All this with the little Fred Jr. already in the world. A baby that has brought his father the best of luck possible.

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