Francis Roig: "Rafa is the one with the most merit of the Big Three"

The technician of the team of Rafa Nadal valued the secrets of the triumph of the Balearic tennis player before Dominic Thiem to obtain his twelfth title of Roland Garros.

Francis Roig analyzed with Ace the keys to the victory of Rafa Nadal against Dominic Thiem in the final of Roland Garros in which the manacorí won his twelfth title on Parisian clay. Roig highlighted the keys to the game of Nadal and how the Balearic has managed to overcome a hard start to the season marked by injuries.

Reading reading: "I think that once again Rafa has given a lesson for his way of playing before a brutal rival on the ground, very hard, that in each ball makes you play uncomfortable, that you do not know where you are going to go, that you have an intensity and control and a great ball hit, as few have seen on the ground, and Rafa has made a very good reading of the game, has been changing things and finding solutions. In the first set, with 3-3, the physical level was brutal, and we thought that if we had to go like this all the time ... Rafa has won with the backhand, with the high ball, the parallel, the crusade, has changed a lot and he made the difference ".

Reaction after the second set of Thiem: " In the second set, Dominic got much better and surprised Rafa. But then, in the first two points of the third, those of us who know him have seen that the intensity was there again. Since then, he got on the track very well and dominated the game. "

Example of excellence: " Few things surprise me now of Rafa, because you see him day by day and you know he is able to reinvent himself, get out of situations that you think that are very difficult and he finds solutions for them; the passion he feels for this sport, the fight against injuries ... In the Big Three he has more merit, because he has had many physical problems and his game is more work, he does not have a weapon as good as the serve of the Two others, he has to work more and now he is in an incredible moment. In Barcelona he had a fucked up moment, but after losing against Thiem he said he had looked better and that things were going to change. A month and a half later, he raised the cup at Roland Garros. "

Nadal's everyday record: " It's been a long time since we seem to be at the end of his career. For seven or eight years. In his day, the goal was to be in the Rio Games, and that has been very far. It is not good to mark dates, he has never done it. As long as he continues to enjoy and the body allows him, he will still have a level. "

Future of Thiem: " If he has done these things, maybe another can do them. Three of the best players in history have come together. I have told Dominic's father that he is one of the best players I have seen on the ground, but he has had the bad luck to meet Rafa, if he would not have two or three Roland Garros with 25 years old ".

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